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Aetrex® Hiker V751, Mens

Aetrex® V751 Men's Sierra Diabetic Trail Hiker offers the protection, support and comfort needed to endure high impact activities in rugged terrain. It’s lateral and medial forefoot nylon webbing controls lateral movement, while the SmartMask molded external heel counter provides stability, durability and protection. These technologically advanced diabetic hiking shoes come with patented, removable Aetrex Orthotics and PRS (Pressure Relief System) Insoles for customization of fit and comfort. Biomechanically engineered multi-density midsoles provide medial support and stability. The outsole features strategically placed pods for floating independent suspension and shock attenuation.  The moisture wicking open-air layered mesh linings keep the foot healthy, cool and dry. Care:  Nylon Cordura: Wipe off with a damp cloth. Air dry. Nubuck: Lightly brush with a soft to medium brush.   Specifications: Outsole: Anti-slip rubber • Upper: Synthetic leather and abrasion resistant nylon • Removable inserts: 2 inserts - 1/4" of total depth • Color: Two Tone Brown

65004_AXDIMIVDN00001702 Mens X-Wide, Size 9.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001684 Mens X-Wide, Size 10.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001682 Mens X-Wide, Size 10 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001595 Mens Wide, Size 9.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001591 Mens Wide, Size 9.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001587 Mens Wide, Size 8.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001583 Mens Wide, Size 8.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001579 Mens Wide, Size 7.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001575 Mens Wide, Size 7.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001571 Mens Wide, Size 6.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001686 Mens X-Wide, Size 11 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001690 Mens X-Wide, Size 12 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001700 Mens X-Wide, Size 8.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001698 Mens X-Wide, Size 8.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001696 Mens X-Wide, Size 7.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001694 Mens X-Wide, Size 7.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00002170 Mens X-Wide, Size 6.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001745 Mens X-Wide, Size 15 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001743 Mens X-Wide, Size 14 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001692 Mens X-Wide, Size 13 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001739 Mens X-Wide, Size 12.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001543 Mens Wide, Size 15 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001535 Mens Wide, Size 14 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001695 Mens Medium, Size 7.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001693 Mens Medium, Size 7.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001744 Mens Medium, Size 15 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001742 Mens Medium, Size 14 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001691 Mens Medium, Size 13 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001689 Mens Medium, Size 12 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001687 Mens Medium, Size 11.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001685 Mens Medium, Size 11 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001683 Mens Medium, Size 10.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001697 Mens Medium, Size 8.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001699 Mens Medium, Size 8.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001527 Mens Wide, Size 13 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001523 Mens Wide, Size 12.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001519 Mens Wide, Size 12 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001515 Mens Wide, Size 11.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001511 Mens Wide, Size 11 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001507 Mens Wide, Size 10.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001503 Mens Wide, Size 10 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001703 Mens Medium, Size 9.5 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001701 Mens Medium, Size 9.0 £67.26
65004_AXDIMIVDN00001681 Mens Medium, Size 10 £67.26